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"Student Seccess does come in a box"

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"School culture to spark rapid improvement"

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Acheive school excellence through qualified standards and practices esolution

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Why choose Eduexcell ...

EduEXCELL is a proven research based education management e-solution from Knowledge Heads Education Management consulting company Pvt. Ltd. Eduexcell is a e-solution for wholesome educational transformation of a schools for delivering excellence in education they offer. It caters to all kinds of schools irrespective of their differentiated educational systems and the boards they abide by. Whether it’s national boards like CBSE , ICSE or International boards Like IB, Cambridge as well as any other kind of state board schools, Eduexcell e solution is a flexible solution , can customized as per specific needs of the schools based on their diversities.

eduExcell e solution designed on the basis of EFQM Model of Excellence. (EFQM) ‘Excellence Model’ is a self-assessment framework for measuring the strengths and areas for improvement of an school across all of its activities. The EFQM Excellence Model establishes broad criteria, which any school use to assess the progress towards excellence. These nine criteria are divided between enablers and results1:



Excellent leaders develop and facilitate the achievement of the mission and vision. They develop schools’ values and systems required for sustainable success and implement these via their actions and behaviours

Policy and strategy:

Excellent schools’ implement their mission and vision by developing a stakeholder-focused strategy that takes account of the market and sector in which it operates. Policies, plans, objectives and processes are developed and deployed to deliver the strategy3

Process management:

Excellent schools’ design, manage and improve processes in order to fully satisfy and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders6.

These activities are not independent or isolated, they must be implemented together and in a coordinated fashion.

People management:

Excellent schools’ manage, develop and release the full Policy and strategy: excellent schools’ implement their mission and vision by developing a stakeholder-focused strategy that takes account of the market and sector in which it operates. Policies, plans, objectives and processes are developed and deployed to deliver the strategy3.

Partnerships and resources:

Excellent schools’ plan and manage external partnerships, suppliers and internal resources in order to support policy and strategy and the effective operation of processes. During planning and whilst managing partnerships and resources they balance the current and future needs of the school, the community and the environment5.

Knowledge-Head's core feautures


  • Responding to client's goals and needs.
  • Communicating accurately to others about professional actions.
  • Seeking continuous improvement in quality.


  • Providing client services that go beyond expected standards of practice.
  • Completing client care and professional responsibility prior to personal needs.
  • Focusing on achieving the greatest well-being and the highest potential for a client.


  • Understanding an individual's perspective.
  • Communicating effectively, both verbally and non-verbally, with others taking into consideration individual differences in learning styles, language, and cognitive abilities, etc.


  • Participating in integrative and collaborative practice to promote high quality educational outcomes.
  • Engaging in acquisition of new knowledge throughout professional career.
  • Sharing one's knowledge with others.


  • Contributing to the development and shaping of excellence in all professional roles.
  • Abiding by the rules, regulations, and laws applicable to the profession.
  • Being trustworthy.

Advanced Practice

  • Articulating and internalizing stated ideals and professional values.
  • Our continued rapid growth and experience is a testament to the quality
  • Now these names have become synonymous with modern education in the country

Knowledge-Head's focus on these ....

01. Students growth

The Books of Knowledge head's have been written so as develope holistic understanding around them,a positive attitude and a lot of confidence in the learner.

02. Best learning practice

The content of Knowledge head's books is very helpful for the studies of student,and has helped for student to understand the difficult concepts.

03. Focus on targets

As one of the shining stars of the Galaxy of Publications, We publish educational books by keeping the aim in mind about the requirement of students and we strictly follow the latest syllabus and pattern prescribed by the different boards of education and achieves high standards.

04. Interdisciplanary model

Knowledge Heads is currently leveraging its expertise in a number of areas, including workforce services and support services for participant-directed care programs, and education consulting to pursue opportunities help organizations nationally and internationally.

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